How GiveMyCertificate is helping companies and students to increase the value of every contribution

Ravi Goswami
2 min readOct 18, 2021

GiveMyCertificate is not just a service to send verifiable e-certificates that prove the efforts of an individual. Let me tell you what it is. Started by a person who wanted to solve a problem, GiveMyCertificate is a one-stop solution to award credentials, fight piracy, promote accountability, and build careers.

When you receive a GiveMyCertificate enabled certificate, you don’t even know but you are pitching in for the fight against the prevalent forgery as the certificates can be verified that they are issued to you. You are moving one step forward in your career, as your credential is linked to you for your professional circle to see along with a karma score, to make things competitive. It will motivate you to strive harder and to make your portfolio even more star-studded.

But GiveMyCertificate is not just for the recipients, is it? With an organisation account, you can send verifiable e certificates to the recipients following very easy steps. And by very easy, I mean the easiest. Just create an event, upload the list of recipients, upload a certificate example and you are done. That simple. And organisers get to see analytics of various kinds on their dashboard, so that you can act upon it for your next event. GiveMyCertificate provides its organisers with custom APIs as well so that they can make use of it from their own websites for purposes like issuing or verifying documents. You save 80% of the costs and 95% of the time, and I think this is unbelievable. But i believed it when I used it. And you should try it out too.

Talking about the team, GiveMyCertificate has a great group of professionals behind the curtains who have made such a service possible. They make sure the experience is seamless and safe for everyone. The service is technologically burning hot and they strive to be better every day. So far they have served over 1000 clients and have issued close to 2.6 million documents, which is just amazing.

They have answered a lot of FAQs on their website which you can go through if you have any doubts. You can easily contact them as well. The support team is just great and will help you out through the entire process. Try it out and do your bit in promoting an eco-friendly, safe and just way to do a very trivial task of issuing documents, and reinventing it as well. #givemycertificate #certificate

Check out the dashboard :